Mini Workshop: Basic Mending

Christina Threloff

As a teacher (and I firmly believe, once a teacher always a teacher), I have been anxious to get back to it, this time influenced solely by my guidelines and my passions.  The time has come.  I have been tossing around the possibility of teaching a workshop within our community (Greater Grand Rapids, MI), but my brain (anxiety? overthinking?) rejects the success of such a workshop asking questions like, "Would people really be interested?" or "Is this something people never knew they wished they could learn?" or "Would this even be a success?" There's a saying I used to share with my students: Great things never come from comfort zones.  

So to hell with my forsaken thoughts!

This Thursday, I will present my first mending workshop at my alma mater, Grand Valley State University.  Through a customer-turned-friend that I met through our January Indie Flea Grand Rapids event, I'm thankful to have been connected with the university's Student Environmental Coalition, a student-based group dedicated to environmental activism and spreading awareness of sustainability issues, which is connected through the GVSU Office of Sustainability Practices.  I attended my first SEC meeting on Thursday evening and was welcomed with open arms as they discussed their upcoming Upcycling Workshop where I will do a quick, hands-on presentation on mending your clothing.

As you can see, my passions seemed to have collided resulting in a magical outcome:  In a few short days, I will be teaching a mending class as part of an upcycling workshop at my alma mater.  

Life is good!


P.S. I am planning at least two other mending workshops in the upcoming months, that I will feature and promote with more notice.  The upcoming workshops will not be affiliated with GVSU and will be open to anyone and everyone for a small fee. Stay tuned!

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  • THIS IS FANTASTIC!! When someone follows their passion and maintains a pure heart, great doors open!


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