My Lovely Muse
My Lovely Muse is a woman-owned brand of eco-conscious housewares on a mission to save the planet from needless waste.  Designed for earth-minded folks who appreciate a quirky print to make their everyday essentials their own.
Originally launched as a handcrafted clothing brand in 2017, My Lovely Muse was embraced by people looking for a local option to buy their wares.  My Lovely Muse expanded and ultimately focused on their line of eco-conscious housewares in 2019, while still offering personalized clothing on a custom basis.
My Lovely Muse believes that seeking out and consistently using more sustainable options to your everyday wares will lead to a happier and healthier earth.  By using our sustainable swaps, you’re reducing your environmental footprint and showing others that they can, too.  Our mission is tied closely to the personal journey of our founder Christina Threloff, who lives an earth conscious lifestyle with her family. This awareness was amplified when she and her husband chose to exclusively use cloth diapers on their children when they were young as a way to avoid contributing to our already overflowing landfills and leave our children a healthier world to live in.