Sustainable Business Practices

It is important that we know about sustainability as it is vital to the health of our future generations!  Here at  My Lovely Muse, we are working toward complete sustainability.  Read more to find out more about recycling and about how My Lovely Muse is creating a sustainable business to serve you and our Earth!

Promotion and Packaging. My Lovely Muse utilizes a local sustainable print shop to print all business cards and merchandise hang tags and will be switching over to sustainable packaging once we use what we already have.  
Fabrics. For the last year, we have been purchasing exclusively sustainable and natural fabrics, specifically organic cotton as an alternative to the polyesters and rayons that are widely used in the fast fashion industry. Our goal is to create garments made exclusively of natural, sustainable, or recycled materials.  In order to continue to provide the best quality custom leggings (and other favorite clothing items), using a higher quality material is imperative.  Any fabric that is colored is customized by using natural dyes made from vegetables.
Fabric scraps/waste. We are proud to say that all fabric scraps, since our opening in January 2017 and even before when this was just a hobby for Christina, have been recycled (sent to a program that grinds the fabric to turn into yarn to create new, recycled textiles) and usable scraps have been donated to local sewists in need of fabric.  Fabric scraps from the sergers have been collected to stuff dog beds to donate to local shelters.
Notions. Very gradually, we are using up our polyester thread, plastic zippers, plastic buttons/snaps/hook & loop and replacing them with natural and organic cotton thread, metal zippers, and buttons made from coconuts.  It's easy to overlook these small details that are vital to the durability and life of your custom piece, but there is so much that is used to create the clothes we wear and items we use on a daily basis that is not sustainable! It is our mission to make these small changes in our production so that when you make a purchase from us, you will have no longer have to worry about the sustainability of your purchase.
Donate Fabric! Donate Services! Fabric donations are also accepted and will be made into children's dresses to be sold to raise funds to go toward helping families in third world countries.  The reason why we make a monetary donation instead of donating an actual garment is because money will go a lot further in helping a family in need in a third world country than would a garment.  Some organizations we donate to include: Bethany Christian Services and Hope and Light Initiative
Please contact us if you have fabric you'd like to donate and see made into a beautiful garment made to help another child and their family in another country!  We are also looking for sewists, both novice and experienced stitchers, to donate their time to help construct garments.  If you own a business selling clothes, we encourage you to add your own sewn in label to the garment if you'd like!  If you do not own your own business, we will provide the sewn in care tags along with the fabric.  Shoot us an email so we can connect and start sewing and raising funds to help fellow humans who need our assistance!


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