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Glass Straws
Glass Straws
Glass Straws
Glass Straws

Did you know that on average, every day Americans throw away 500 plastic straws? That statistic is hard to swallow (see what I did there?) considering plastic straws are nearly impossible to recycle, often ending up in landfills that spill into our oceans hurting our precious wildlife. 

There are many options out there when considering a plastic straw alternative.  Glass straws are a fabulous alternative! Glass can be melted down and used over and over again.

James and Sydney are a small artist couple based out of their home studio & farm in the Western North Carolina Appalachian Mountains. With a focus on sleek, simple designs that function well and look great, they produce high quality, locally made work at an affordable price because they cut out the middle men. The whole process from raw material to finished product is done by this talented couple.

These clear, glass drinking straws are handmade from durable, high temperature borosilicate glass annealed in a digital kiln to remove stress from shaping the glass. They are 8mm in diameter (widest diameter straw in photo), 10" in length and chemically inert - no BPA, phthalates, bisphenol, lead, or heavy metals.

Don't forget a cleaning brush and reusable straw pouch to keep everything together when you're on the go!


Note: As glass conducts heat, please use caution if you're trying to drink a hot drink using these straws. 

Note: Always supervise children when using glass straws.

Cleaning: Wash well with cleaning brush and dish soap. These straws are dishwasher safe as well!

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